The New Rules of Flexible Dieting

Why Flexible Dieting?

What is Flexible Dieting?

The Principles of Flexible Dieting

1: Energy Balance (Calories)

2: Macronutrient Balance (Protein)

3: Eat What You Enjoy (No Food is Off-limits)

The New Rules of Flexible Dieting

1: Focus on Micronutrients and Fiber

2: Leverage Food Palatability

Sweet Potato vs. Pop-Tart

3: Consistency

The Consistency Diet

The Art of Tracking

When do you need to track macros?

  • You are just starting out on your nutrition journey.
  • You are in a fat loss phase. The extra layer of accuracy and consistency will make the process more successful.
  • Occasionally as an audit to make sure you are actually eating what you think you are.
  • If you are not seeing results.

How to Start Tracking Macros

Where to go from here?

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